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It is a fact that today, millions of American youth face persistent opportunity gaps that prevent them from reaching their full potential and contributing to their communities and the economy, as they are excluded in the spheres of education, economics and social opportunity. The Bishop & Chase Foundation (BCF) seeks to diminish and ultimately eliminate these devastating issues within Central Kentucky.


There are entire populations in our cities today that are, multi-generationally, unable to contribute to the well-being of our society due oftentimes to economic and educational barriers.


Focusing initially in the East End of Lexington and secondarily in the Tates Creek neighborhood, BCF is currently implementing preventative and intervention services that will serve the entire community, though have targeted efforts around the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative that realize the urgency of reaching out to young boys and young men of color.


The BCF youth development initiative operates after school programs, provides mentors that also serve within the schools during educational hours and recently launched the first evening reporting center in Fayette County to assist in the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative where over 75% of youth taken into custody are black/ African-American boys.

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